Reading Day

The Centre for Editing Lives and Letters is pleased to host a reading day on Thursday 23 October, 10:30-12:00 in room 111 Foster Court, in conjunction with our usual Director’s Seminar. We’ll be discussing the following in preparation for the Failure in the Archives conference 30th October:

1. Natalie Zemon Davis, “Silences and Gaps: What can the historian do with them”? Fortid 2: 2011 (
2. “What Gets Saved and What Gets Lost: An Interview with Jill Lepore” (
3. Allan Sekula “The Body and the Archive” (
4. “The Library as a Map: An Interview with Rick and Megan Prelinger”:
In addition, we will be writing and submitting pitches for the Group Plenary.
Please feel free to join us!